Pedro Caldas - Dead Hand Gang Edit

“Look good, feel good, ride good”

That’s easy to say when you’re Pedro Caldas. This kid with only ‘half’ a thumb but a ‘one and a half’ smile is perhaps our favourite on the team right now. Mostly due to his crazy technicality on rails; but he’s much more than that as the Dead Hand Gang edit shows. Sporting a sneak-peak at his Season 12 Pedro Pro Vest and Anorak Jacket, Pedro Caldas and Dave Av have been tirelessly working day and night for you. Now you can ‘half’ watch this in the lunchroom before someone comes and interrupts you to use the microwave. Don’t forget to wash your cups


“The process of developing my first colourway and a jacket with Follow went as smooth as that first sip of coffee in the morning, and I can tell you, this one was made with Brazilian beans. I’m really stoked on how it looks and fits”

Pedro Unity Vest Preview
Contact your local Follow dealer to pre-order the new Season 12 Unity Black Pedro Vest, or the Anorak Pro Neo Layering Jacket. Available at all decent pro shops.

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