Who we are

Tested in Australia. Developed for the World.

We are creators. Not just the product we make, but the life we lead. We are for the early morning risers and the golden hour cruisers. For the ocean dwellers, the vagabond travellers, and the outdoor wanderers. Through our fabrics, fit & function, when you find yourself wondrous in pursuit, you are Follow, just as we are. Follow Brand Apparel and Hardware; for the River, the Ocean, the Outdoors, and the Sun. This is now, this is the future, this is forever.

From materials, to function and finish, we take no shortcuts. Staying true to our earliest motivations, we created a brand, undistributed by fads, that we and our friends are proud to wear. Making our lifestyle our work and our work our lifestyle. Focused on our vision of building better product for Life. Follow began in 2010 with a line of tow handles and a few small accessories built with a few simple rules in mind “no gimmicks, no bright lights, just good quality product that works”.

Address: Unit 1/10 Kingston Drive. Helensvale. Queensland. Australia. 4212.

Phone: Follow Australia (+61) 7 5665 8333

Email: contact@followbrand.com