From the very beginning, our Team has been a defining part of our culture. Working with Mitch, Chris-O, and B.P from day one to over 20 Team & Family Members today, how we support our riders is a true indication of the love we have for what we do. A Genuinue colabboration of ideas and product design. We are Follow, they are Follow, You are Follow.

Pro Team

Brian Grubb, Alex Hayes, Alex Aulbach, Anna Nikstad, Joe Battleday, Pedro Caldas, Sam Brown, Gavin Stuckey.

Brian Grubb / Life, Wake

Alex Hayes / Life

Alex Aulbach / Cable

Anna Nikstad-O'Shea / Cable

Joe Battleday / Cable

Pedro Caldas / Cable

Sam Brown / Wake

Gavin Stuckey / Cable


AM Team

Jay Button, Josh Ku, James Casey, Josh Twelker, James Windsor, Rivers Hendrick, Jeremy Wilmotte, Oskar Johansson, Cassidy Gale, Ashley Inloes, Jamie Huser, Camile Charraud, Tyler Stewart, Whitley Stewart, Gordan Harrison, Mikayo Mundy.

Jay Button / Life

Josh Ku / Life

James Casey / Life

Josh Twelker / Wake

Cassidy Gale / Wake

Rivers Hendrick / Cable

Ashley Inloes / Wake

James Windsor / Cable

Jamie Huser / Wake