Tech - Product - Wetsuits

Protection from the Elements.

The Follow Wetsuit Range provides maximum insulation against water temperatures, helping to regulate your body heat while also shielding you from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and skin damage. While minimizing water entry you’re kept dry and streamlined. Our durable wetsuits are made from high-quality 4-way stretch neoprene with reinforced seams, zippers, and abrasion-resistant panels for the wetsuit's longevity.

Zipperless Entry.

Zipperless entry eliminates the weight and bulk of a sewn-in zip closure, this increases your freedom of movement while preserving the suit’s water-tight objective. An established closure at the shoulder opens up the back of the suit then allows the rider to pull over head to fully close off external elements.

Melcro Stress Tape.

All high stress areas are reinforced with Melcro tape, minimising water leakage and making certain that the structure of the wetsuit is kept in place.

4-Way Stretch Laminated Neoprene.

Wakeboarding can cause your body to move in unanticipated directions. This means you need a neo that can handle the uncertainty while maintaining its integrity. Our 4-Way Stretch Neoprene moves with you all season long. Laminated, our super soft foam creates the best priced-pointed neoprene in the industry.

GBS Stitching.

 (Glued and Blind-Stitched)GBS seams create a watertight seal – just one more way of protecting you from the elements.

Enhanced Comfort and Mobility

A well-designed wetsuit is constructed from flexible and lightweight materials that allow for ease of movement in the water. Fitting snugly without restricting mobility, providing optimal comfort and flexibility while riding, surfing, or paddling. With ease of entry and exit our unique Zipperless entry Steamers and Springsuit give you peace of mind while maintaining the suits credibility.

Aqua-X Solvent Free Glue.

Aqua-X based laminate glue is 100% solvent free. All our wetsuits are laminated with Aqua-X solvent-free glue. No more harmful solvent chemicals in your Neoprene products.

B-Lock Stitching.

Flexibility in a suit is important. Reduced flexibility means reduced performance by you. That’s why we use B-Lock stitching, a 100% stretch seam. The most flexible stitch on the market.

Internal Neo Tape.

The entire purpose of a wetsuit is to keep the water out and your body heat in. If a suit is compromised, then it’s only as good as its weakest link. 100% internally taped seams create a more durable seam with no water leaks, keeping you wrapped up safe and warm.

ECO 50% Recycled Quick Dry Plush Grid Lining.

50% recycled nylon quick dry internal, so you can have multiple sessions a day with an extra warm and dry suit. Plus it feels soft and furry which makes you feel all cuddly.