Tech - Materials - Neoprene

No Restrictions.

The importance of neoprene lies in its ability to provide insulation, water resistance, and flexibility. Neoprene's insulating properties help to retain body heat, keeping you warm and comfortable in and out of the water. The Neoprene we choose has an inherent flexibility allowing for freedom of movement, ensuring that you can perform activities without feeling restricted.

Are you feeling any better?

Follow is proud to present our Chevron Polyester. With an Enhanced touch on the skin and a smooth overall finish, its supreme 4-way stretch allows for a freedom of movement not available in a recyclable materials until now. It sacrifices neither quality nor the earth.


A textured neoprene with a more resilient porous outer acts to disperse pressure upon impact with the water. Strong and durable with a certain subtlety on the outside while maintaining its soft internal credibility.

Quad-S© Neo.

(Seriously Soft-Super Stretchy). Our regular-stretch neoprene taken to the next level. This stuff is seriously soft, seriously stretchy and really comfortable. Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, without compromising durability.


Corduroy Neoprene is a detail that harks back to 90’s grunge. A bevelled line texture blends with natural colours to give a look like no other neoprene in our range. Why not wear your flannel shirt while you’re at it.

Constructed Better.

Follow product development is focused on performance. Our vests are tested on-body and in the water before production. We focus on creating a superior and long-lasting product. We don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Our fits are refined and perfected many times before a vest reaches production approval. With details that other companies consider premium we consider standard on every Follow Vest, using Neo construction that last longer, and performs better.