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Aligned with the Elements.

Outer shell jackets are essential gear for outdoor enthusiasts, providing protection against the elements while allowing for versatility and adaptability in various weather conditions. Constructed from our DWR treated durable Recycled SP Material, these jackets serve as the first line of defence against water, rain, wind, and snow, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Their lightweight design and packability make them ideal for layering, allowing you to adjust your insulation levels based on activity level and weather conditions.

12% Recycled SP Material.

Our Outer Shell Material for our Jacket utilises a 12% Recycled Spandex Material. While 12% is a small step, it highlights the realities of materials available, and while it may be a small percentage it is a symbol of our commitment to utilise every opportunity we can.

20k/20k/ Waterproof.

Keep the cold out and the warmth in. Waterproofing is what keeps our jackets from soaking up water as you ride, while breathability relates to how much body heat your jacket can retain. Our 20k/20k combination allows for maximum warmth with full wind and water protection for your heavy winter sessions.

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Treatment.

DWR is a coating added to fabrics to make them water-resistant. Our 4-way stretch material has been internally and externally DWR treated for reduced weight when wet. Most factory- applied treatments are fluoro polymer based but these applications are quite thin and not always effective. DWR treatment works way better to prevent the outer layer of fabric from becoming saturated with water.

Internal Mesh Lining.

The mesh lining on our outdoors jackets act as a barrier between your skin and the outer shell of the jacket, the mesh lining promotes breathability by allowing air circulation, which helps to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating.

Peace of Mind.

Equipped with features like adjustable hoods, waterproof zippers, and adjustable cuffs, our outer shell jackets offer customizable protection to suit your preferences and outdoor desires. Whether the mountains, the slopes, the beach, or the city streets, our outer shell jackets provide reliable performance and peace of mind.