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Inspired By Desire.

If you don’t own a helmet, ask your brain whether or not it wants protecting. Because a brain that doesn’t want a helmet is a dumb brain. Follow Helmets; for smart brains. Then there’s the Soft EVA padding absorbing any impact pressure, spreading it over a larger area to soften the shock of any sudden knocks you may encounter to your head or your board.

Pro Helmets.

All Follow Pro Helmets feature our new TrueFit Liner which eliminates movement of internal fabric ensuring that neither fit nor safety are compromised. The Soft EVA padding absorbs any impact pressure, spreading it over a larger area to soften the shock of any sudden knocks you may encounter.

Safety First Helmets.

Clean, simple and focused on comfort. The Safety First Helmet features Soft EVA construction and a sleek profile for fit and performance. The multiple strategic vents allow water to drain and lets the heat out to keep you at optimal running level.

Strategic Vents.

No matter where it is, water will make everything just a little bit heavier, which is why it’s necessary to allow for quick drainage so that water doesn’t collect at any point. Our strategic drainage system works so that you can ride with comfort.

Fidlock© Magnetic Buckle.

The dramas of locking yourself into your helmets are a thing of the past. The Fidlock Magnetic Buckle closes automatically and is opened by sliding laterally.

Essential for Serious Riders.

The more serious you take your riding the more you need to protect your gear. Board bags are not just about your board either, your entire setup goes in there! From board to tools, you need to know where all your things are at all times. If you're a serious wakeboarder, you know that protecting your gear is crucial. A wakeboard bag is an essential investment to ensure that your entire setup stays organized and safe during travel. Not only does it keep your board safe, but it also protects your bindings, ropes, tools, and other accessories.

Soft EVA Padding.

A helmet that was uncomfortable would be counterproductive. Our Soft EVA padding works in two ways: it absorbs the impact pressure, spreading it over a larger area; and it softens the shock of any sudden impact you may encounter. Keeping your head happy and safe.

TrueFit Helmet Liner.

The perfect-fitting helmets need to stay fitting perfect. Any movement of fabric within the liner can affect how it sits on your head, potentially compromising your safety and your ride. Our TrueFit puts an end to liner bunching. Stay comfortable all day long.

High Quality Details.

Wakeboard bags with wheels are particularly useful if you travel frequently, as they make it easy to manoeuvre through airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs.

Internal Pockets.

Ensure that you stay organized, protected, and relaxed in transport. Whether you're looking for a wakeboard bag with wheels, a wakeboard board bag, a wakeboard travel bag, a wakesurf board bag, or a wakesurf bag, there are plenty of options to choose from.