Superior Development, Construction, & Neoprenes.

We are Creators. Not just the product we make, but the life we lead. From early morning risers to golden hour cruisers. If you have ever looked at a body of water and pictured yourself on top of it; You are follow, As we are. This is now, this is the future, this is forever.

Life Jackets

Follow product development is focused on performance. Our vests are tested on-body and in the water before production. Our fits are refined and perfected many times before a vest reaches production approval. Construction details that other companies consider premium are standard on every Follow Vest. All our vests feature the following construction features.


Premium warmth and waterproofing in a timeless style. Our Layering Jackets will keep you doing what it is you do best long into the deep depths of the season. Disregard the wind chill factor with our Neoprene Construction Jackets, our 20k/20k Outershell Spray Jackets or our plush comfy Towlies.

Handles & Mainlines

These are the handles our team uses. Calibrated for performance, quality and capability, our pro handles are not just as stylish as they come, they are also as hard working as you need them to be. Custom end caps and injected foam-filled bars give you the assurance you need that every follow Pro Handle is a powerful ally along for the ride.






Refined and perfected. What others consider premium, we consider standard. 

Developed and refined premium neoprenes & fabrics through the best manufacturers in the industry for over 15 years. Tested by the best riders in the world. Requiring the best, and pushing our product beyond the possibility of the everyday rider.


Superior Development, Construction, & Neoprenes.

Follow have worked together with some of the words leading manufacturers of Neoprenes, Fabrics and Cottons conscious of the environmental implications, making sustainable materials an essential consideration in our products.