In your old gear you look stupid. In your new Follow gear for Summer 2023, you look groovy. Can you dig it?

All new vests, all new product, all new you. Follow Season 13.


Every year we spend a HUGE amount of time behind computers, inside factories or working machines, just for the days when the sky opens and we get to enjoy ourselves. It's like a bargain we make with ourselves; a trade-off if you will. Do this and we reward ourselves.

So now is the time of our reward. All new Follow Australian Standard Approved Wakeboarding Vests; our definitively best release yet. Your old Handle or Mainline looking shabby? Shab no more. Wakeboarding in a wetsuit? You must be Victorian, we got you covered... Like completely covered. Head too good looking to risk getting hit. Slip a Helmet on. Layering, Apparel, Accessories. We are Follow, Follow is Now. Go...


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