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From the Beginning of Time.

All performance. All quality. All capable. Our Handles feature Custom End Caps, Injected Foam-Filled Bars and a Narrow Suede Grip for ultimate, no-fuss function. Your literal connection with the sport. We understand the role they play in the perfect ride, a perfection we’ve been honing in on since day one.

Circle Grip.

A secure, leather-inspired suede finish with a classic handle feel. The narrow 1” diameter gives you a fully comfortable hold without feeling like anything is stuck in your way.

Oval Grip.

Circle Grip with an elongated inner creates a larger hold diameter. The palm side remains the same as the circle grip while the fist has more to grasp.

Hexagonal Grip.

Some riders prefer the hexagon-shaped handle because it indicates the orientation of the handle in their hands providing one extra sense of understanding.

Injected Foam Filled.

This ensures that the bar will float for its lifetime – not just while it’s new. We were the first to do this and we are going to keep on doing it.

The Right Stuff.

Ask any of our Team riders and they will say that the right length and tactility of the line are more important than the board under their feet. The part that a good main-line plays in the perfect ride is often underestimated and rarely credited.

4mm PU Coated Mainline.

There may be cheaper alternatives that look the same, but they won’t last as long. This is the most expensive material because it’s the best. Soft and smooth. Stronger and with less twisting due to an even number of Dyneema strands. The internal Dyneema is also DWR treated to repel water absorption reducing its weight when wet.

Fusion Mainline.

This is a unique coated Dyneema mainline that floats. If you are after the ultimate in weight saving but require pro performance that floats there is no substitute.

Custom End Caps.

We still strongly believe in soft end caps. It allows the ends of the handle to naturally flex in perfect harmony with the rider’s gestures and stops any relocation of energy. Soft end caps make it easier to hold onto the handle in certain situations; but more importantly, it’s safer.

Foam Filled Surf Mainline.

On our surf ropes, we have created a fully bouyant internal rope. By constructing a foam filled mainline.No floats needed here. No matter the rider ability we’ve taken the worry of finding the rope away, making it easy to adjust your bearings in the water. It’s the simple things, right?