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Follow - Sustainability Interview With Steve Anderson

A chat with Steve Anderson, Founder of Follow and the brains behind the Sustainable Performance Range (S.P.R) and now, Project One and what role sustainability plays in the Follow brand. 



Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. "the pursuit of global environmental sustainability"

Everyone is using the word sustainability now. You hear it everywhere, in the supermarket, on the news and even your grandma knows what it means. So why are we, at follow, a business that is functioning in maybe not the most environmental supportive sport ever, so focused on “sustainability”? We had a quick chat with Follow founder Steve to answer our questions and give you a little insight of where our sustainable head sits.

Steven Anderson

Steve Anderson, Founder of Follow

Interview By Alex Aulbach
G´Day Steve! Follow is such a unique Brand with the main focus on high quality products and style. What part does sustainability play in your brand?

It’s a strange question for a company that is focused on a sport, that isn’t always an environmentally friendly sport. For example, the large part of the industry is using large boats with large engines etc.

We have always considered the environmental question in two parts. What can we do to improve our manufacturing footprint, but also how long does our product last. It’s one thing chasing environmentally conciseness material and packaging choices. But more importantly how long does our product last? “DATA DOESNT LIE.GLOBAL SALES FOR PRODUCT RETURNS IS 0.28%. THIS IS SOMETHING WE ARE PROUD OF”. Make a product that last for years, that’s the best thing we can do in our market. 

Can you tell us what happened to the S.P.R (sustainable performance range) and why you came up with such a similar idea few years later? 

Great question Mr Alex. The initial S.P.R range didn’t work due to the lack of support from the dealer network and end consumer. We backed the product and pushed the concept hard, unfortunately the industry didn’t want to pay extra to minimize the products footprint on the environment back then. Price is still a large factor on consumer purchases, but I feel attitudes are changing and more and more people are changing their old thoughts on the matter.

The new project one concept is not a entire division or model made from environmentally safer materials. It’s more of a statement. Any improvements or choices we can do to make a environmental change will have a project one label. Why limit the concept into a few models. Let’s focus on every choice we can and implement change in all categories when we can. From Aqua based glues, to recycled material choices, to biodegradable bags, etc. Let’s make as many choices as we can and start working towards the same goal of reducing our footprint. 

What is Follow doing besides Project One Products to help us save the World by being more sustainable? 

We are pushing all our manufacturing partners to further develop the Project one materials. We are only working with socially compliant factories with similar vison and goals as we do. We are implementing a new vest next year made from a new recycled polyester material. It maintains our performance goals while maintaining a competitive price. We are proud to have this coming in the near future. Also our office is nearly off grid during the day with our solar panel setup.  

Team Rider Alex Aulbach and Steve Anderson Founder of Follow

Alex Aulbach and Steve Anderson

What are the main sustainable goals you want to achieve in the next few years with Follow?

Hard to set a hard goal, the main goal is to improve every year, bit by bit make a improvement on all aspects of the production area. From recycled swing tags, to soy-based inks. Keep pushing on all areas to make our ocean and rivers cleaner. 

As a brand that is trying to be more sustainable, what can we, the riders can do to follow a more sustainable lifestyle?

Alex reduce, your disposable coffee cups each week! Try limit it to 2 a day hahaha. No I think we are all making decisions on smarter and more efficient cars to reduce fossil fuel burning, products that have recycled materials and a better focus on reducing the everyday rubbish or waste.

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Side note: I have a reusable coffee mug which I use at least 3 times a day...when I make myself coffee..with your coffee machine.. steve.. haha



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