How to fit a life jacket correctly?

Below: Team Rider Raph Derome wearing Follow's RD Vest

Follow - How to fit a life jacket correctly

How to fit a life jacket? Yeah good question!

At Follow, we figured there isn't a life jacket that fits everyone. This is because each person has a different body shape and has a different body weight - The life jacket needs to have enough buoyancy to counter-act you in the water while still feeling comfortable and looking the part! That's why we created over 11 different fits so you can get the perfect one for you. 

Basically, a life jacket shouldn't fit like a loose t-shirt, but also not like a condom. (I mean don't get us wrong a life jacket protects you too, but yeah anyways different story).

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Raph Derome -  Follow F#*FED Impact Vest

how to fit a womens life jacket

Cassidy Gale - Womens Signal Impact Vest

So how should a life jacket fit then you ask?

It should fit really tight, not so that you can't breath anymore, but keep in mind that neoprene will stretch up in the water and give a little bit over time . If your life jacket is too loose, it'll float up to your ears when you're in the water... and that's not what you want!

Make sure it sits snug on your chest and belly and has enough room under your armpits so it's not rubbing or bothering you while you're doing a few handlepasses on that 1080 you just learned. 

Follow U1 CG Life Jacket

Trent Stuckey - Follow U1 Life Vest 

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Dallas Friday in a Follow Life Vest

Follow Size Guides & Fits

Safety doesn't take a holiday, and we at Follow don´t take holidays either!

We designed some of the most comfortable and safest vests out there! That’s why we don’t have one for all, but we got specific vests for the Hubby, the Wifey, the Kids and even your Dog!

Don't believe us? Here are some of our popular fits:

For the athlete:
ProFit - A tapered, high performance life jacket fit.

Pro at heart (but not the the body shape - don't worry we got you)
HappyFit - A more relaxed fit but still with the tech from the Pro.

Specific Ladies fits - yes we understand simply making a men's life jacket shape smaller just doesn't cut it. So we have specifically designed these fits for female body shapes. 

To read up on the others before purchasing your Follow vest - click the button below. 



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Project One

Follow Female fits and sizing

Follow Female Fits with Anna Nikstad

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Follow Layering System. What is it?