Wakeboarding looks easy when you watch good guys ride. It looks like they just strapped on a board and just started doing stuff. But what you don’t see is the millions of head bashing, arm bruising, leg hurting nonsense that goes into even getting close to this good. Including doozies like where Joey’s ‘Employee of the Month’ Impact vest pretty much saves his life.

Joey Battleday Follow Life Jacket Wakeboarding


We set out to get a general banger of an edit from these two guys, but what Jacob Vinall ended getting was something better. Over a few days in Australia with Joey Battleday and Pedro Caldas reveal more about themselves and their lifestyle than most of us knew; what they think, and how they go about things. From healing process to the building process, sit back and enjoy an 8-minute edit with a difference.

This 'Days in the lives’ of Joey Battleday and Pedro Caldas, features two of Follows most prolific riders. Watch as they deal with the ups and downs of 'wild weather 'and 'broken cables' all while chopping the 'Down Under' cable parks into finely cut little pieces. Lovingly served up for you on an '8 minute EDIT' plate. This is a true insight into the way riders live and spend their time. Not just riding, but dealing with pain, bruises and recoveries from the everyday highs and lows.

 Pedro Caldas Red bull

Heres how Jacob Vinall describes the few days…

"This was an interesting one. We started the film on a high with all these ideas of setups and tricks to shoot, but then the first day the main cable at Bli Bli breaks down and wasn't going to be up and running for the whole shoot duration. Everyone's spirit definitely took a hit, but with some re planning we were back on and running."



Joey Battleday wearing the Employee of the Month vest and the Corp Hydro LS Top.

Pedro Caldas sporting his signature DOCA Vest and the Corp Hydro LS Top.


Jacob Vinall.

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