Scumline Interview

Seems 32 year old Trever Maur is the lone candle holder for the original full-length wake movie. In his own words ‘I’m a waker who kinda knows his way around a video camera.’

Where once, we all wore out our VHS’s from rewatching, today we are consuming a much more bit-size portion of daily viewing. So do you have the patience to watch a Wakeboard Movie? That’s a good question. Do you even have patience? Have you even read this far into the intro?... Or have you already skipped and watched the teaser below?

We here at Follow are massive believers in the value of a full-length, that why we didn’t hesitate to get behind Trever new production ‘Scumline’ Featuring Westcoast riding as it is today. But maybe first you’d like to hear from Trever himself.

What’s the reaction been like?

SO dang good! Honestly, the response has been unbelievable. I personally gotten over 150, texts, private DM’s about how people are loving it. That’s not including the comments on insta or youtube. It has been unreal and really humbling. It’s rad. I would say the industry is starving for content that takes time.

This is your Second or Third full-length yeah, what are the others?

ScumLine will be my 3rd movie I’ve produced. Al Sur, Dog Dayz, Scum Line.

How long have you been working on this?

ScumLine has been in production for 1 and a half years.

In the title it says ‘a Westcoast Wakeboard movie’. You ride a lot with our Westcoast team riders Josh Twelker and Derek Cook, so it’s a given they’re in it. Who else is in the movie?

So Josh and I co-produced and directed the movie. We knew we wanted a wide variety of west coast guys. We Absolutely had to find a way to get Vandall (Randell Harris) out of retirement to come shoot with us. That was a must. Then we’ve been watching Tyler Higham over the years really become one of the top guys and it was a no brainer to have him. Hayden Berg has been a ripper for a long time but is a bit shy around the camera/instagram so we knew he would be our silent assassin. Cooksie, Schwenne, Bellz, and Bowlby, are the legends of the West who are still shredding today. Each one of these guys have their own unique spin on wakeboarding and are constantly leading the way when it comes to soulful creativity. These guys are the glue to the crew. And then we picked up a couple young guns along the way and they laid it down. Jacob and Ricky. These boys really impressed us. All in all, we are pumped on the crew we get to call our own.

What’s the full line-up?

Josh Twelker, Ty Higham, Hayden Berg, Trever Maur, Randall Harris, Mike Schwenne, Derek Cook, Keaton Bowlby, Mike Bellz, Jacob Sunde, Ricky Orland.

What are you wearing right now?

Well, I’m pretty damn blacked out at the moment. Black Vans (Kyle Walker), tall black socks, Black jeans... cuffed at the bottom with a black ScumLine vest. Oh and I shaved my head again. Going for that “hard” look. Not sure if its working hahaha.

We love that you are making the full-length a thing. We’re right behind you 100% Anything else?

Thanks guys. For all the support from Follow. These films wouldn’t be possible with out you guys. Cant say thank you enough. Cheers.



Premiered on the 10th OCT at Velocity Wake Park. If the reaction to this movie is anything to go by, there is hope for the full-length yet. You mave have watched the teaser above and you can watch it the movie in full length below.

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