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Whether it's from near or afar, you have to admire James Windsor and his dedication. The one time kid from the Sunshine Coast in Australia has had a massively successful Wakeboard life to date, and now at 27, he's a part of the Follow Family, and has a new chapter only just beginning.

"I’m definitely a Vegemite kid."


How long have you been riding?

I’ve been wakeboarding for 14 years now. I signed with Slingshot International USA in 2012 when I was 16. In the next few years I see myself continuing to push myself and the sport. Creating epic memories of travel, riding, competing and filming at parks all around the world. I am still as passionate about wakeboarding as when I started 14 years ago.

You grew up in Australia?

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. We have some of the most amazing beaches here and the surf is awesome. The climate is pretty much perfect all year round. I’ve always been into action sports, and spent a great deal of my childhood riding Motocross. I started competing in Motocross events when I was 5.

Follow started in Australia, does mean something to you?

For me, the Follow family represents friendship and support, the outdoors, the water and the future. It is such a down-to-earth brand that works extremely hard to support sustainability, community and values it’s athletes. As an Aussie wearing an Aussie brand, it makes me super proud to be part of the follow family. I was so stoked when I was asked to be part of the follow team. It’s always been really important to me to represent a brand that really stands for something. I think follow is truly committed to developing quality products for the needs of the riders while using materials and products that are kinder to our environment, the water where we spend a lot of time, and our planet. Riding for an Aussie brand that is innovative, and constantly adapting their products for the needs of the riders is pretty unique in itself.

"For me, the Follow family represents friendship and support, the outdoors, the water and the future."

 James Windor joins the Follow Wake FamilyAt home at Bli Bli.


What do you do outside of Wakeboarding?

In the off season I normally only take a few weeks off to give my body time to rest and catch up with family and friends. But then it’s pretty much back to work to get in shape. A normal day for me starts around 4.45am to head to Fit stop gym, which I do 6 mornings a week, and do a 60 minute programme, then usually follow it up with a swim in the pool or at the beach. Some mornings after gym I hit the surf or go for a run. Then it’s breakfast, a bit or washing, housework and meal prep before I head to the cable park for a few hours of riding/filming. I normally do some coaching in the afternoon, and go to yoga three or four times a week to work on my fitness and mobility, then repeat it.

During the season my schedule is pretty full on. With competitions all around the world it is definitely harder to keep up a regular fitness routine, with flights and commitments. I usually try and go for a run each day when I travel, and I definitely ride a lot more during the season.

That’s a fair amount of conditioning. Is that how you’ve stayed healthy all these years?

Wakeboarding is a physically demanding sport so I keep to a pretty healthy diet and daily exercise routine which helps prevent injury. My advice would be to find what you enjoy doing and stay consistent. I enjoy the gym, running, swimming, yoga and eating pretty healthy.

How do you see Contests compared to filming these days? What’s more important to you or what’s your main focus?

For me a good balance of competition and filming is essential to stay current. I think both are equally relevant. I’ve always had a passion for competition, but I definitely love the aspect of putting something epic together.

"For me a good balance of competition and filming is essential to stay current. I think both are equally relevant."


James Windsor Joins the FollowFamilyJames Windors on the Sunshine Coast on a not so Sunny Day.


Plans for the upcoming 12 months?

I’m just finalising my schedule at the moment. It’s looking pretty good. I’ve got the flights booked for Europe for three months. There’s a lot of new parks popping up over in Europe, that I’d love to film and ride at. I’m excited for LAO Langenfeld, it’s such an epic event, and I’m super pumped for the return of Plastic Playgrounds this year, as well as the WWA Wake Park Worlds hosting an event at Liquid Leisure.

Favorite Australian thing?

I’m definitely a Vegemite kid. The lifestyle The Beach The Surf The climate The people.

Biggest achievements in Wakeboarding?

Being signed as a Full time Professional Athlete on the International Slingshot Team, and being able to ride my own Pro Model “Windsor” Wakeboard for the past 10 years. Winning Plastic Playgrounds - UK 3 WWA Wake Park World Championships - Abu Dhabi Back to Back wins at Red Bull Harbour Reach in the - UK Wining the Monster Energy Triple Crown in the - USA Wining King of Rails in the - Phillipines Awarded the Australian Male Cable Rider of the year

Biggest achievements in Life?

Having a happy balance of family, friends, love, work and feeling fit and healthy.

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